Photo of Jason

Greetings! I'm Jason

I work as a software engineer at Fund that Flip

In the past, I helped Ann Arbor T-shirt Company with Ruby on Rails development, co-founded a software development business, taught web development lessons with LeWagon, and worked in advertising while living in Shanghai, China.

When I am not learning how to become a better web developer, I'm chowing down on pizza πŸ•, noodling on the strings of a guitar 🎸 or hacking away at on one of my many unfinished side projects πŸ€“

What can you expect from my webpage?

That's easy. Anything that interests me.

Some topics might include:

  • TILs while working on projects
  • Tips on web development I've picked up
  • Books and what I took away from them
  • Life
  • Technology
  • Ruby or Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript
  • Links to web content I enjoyed reading

Need to get in contact with me?

You can email me jason@jchee.org or send me a dm @jason_bip