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Hello, I'm Jason. Here is where I write about design & the web, culture & life and my experiences on running a small business in China.

At the moment, I've taken up the role as Lead Product Designer. It's my job to map out and design the products we create together with our clients. When building a product, I focus a lot on how we can make a product easier to use and core functionality. I seriously enjoy cutting down a laundry list of “Do we need this?” features.

Running a business has it's highs and lows, but when it comes to design, building products and programming, these three I love doing. So I feel lucky to be supplementing my craft while still calling it work.

As of late, I've been infatuated with writing better HTML and CSS. Almost all of our projects start with HTML and CSS and more importantly it's how we show proof of concept. As important it is for me to become a well rounded programmer, my team depends on me to write clean HTML and prepare comprehensible CSS. That's where the infatuation spawns from.

I enjoy programming in Ruby. Most projects I build are Ruby on Rails applications, or WeChat Mini Programs. Sometimes a combination of both.

In my free time I'll read books about design, programming and auto biographies, catch up on the latest episode of The Best Show, learn how to cook authentic Chinese cuisine, train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and spend it with people I am rather close with.