I'm Jason and I do a little bit of everything.

I can help you build products, get you your first customers, and manage your technical team. I can suggest alternative technology solutions to help you with your business and decision making. I can mock up, code and prototype the front end modules of your product. I can map, architect and contribute to your back end API. I use the best practices and write fast, maintainable code, so it can easily be understood and added on by anyone else in the future. I believe that building easy to use software can be achieved through good design. My process when building software follows Lean Startup methodologies and convention over configuration.

Since 2017, I have been doing all of what was mentioned above remotely while working autonomously in small and middle size teams.

Tools I use: Ruby on Rails, Github, Sublime Text, Sketch, Figma, iTerm, iMac

If you're interested, here is my resume