Weird Rails 7 build break due to outdated npm

I am working on a new Ruby on Rails project with a friend. We bumped into a few development blockers that I have never experienced before. It turns out that if you are using an outdated version on npm, the pacakage.json which gets generated when you create a new Rails application will not include the necessary scripts needed in order to get ./bin/dev working.

Assuming your Ruby on Rails application is using cssbundling and jsbundling–if you see any build errors when trying to run the server with ./bin/dev you may want to try the following:

In package.json, check to see if the scripts key includes five items for the value. Your Procfile.dev should look like the following:

web: env RUBY_DEBUG_OPEN=true bin/rails server
js: yarn build --watch
css: yarn watch:css

After updating npm and node version, yarn commands should work and you should be able to run the server with ./bin/dev.