Launch-cn is the only 100% on-line China business registration solution

It takes a lot of time, energy, and money to start a business. We wish it weren't true, but there's always moments when things look grey. Tuitu is proudly 100% bootstrapped, but honestly, there were days we wished we kind of weren't.

When we discovered how much it would cost us to register a business in Shanghai through a traditional registration agency, we were shocked. Getting legit apparently has a high price tag. After doing the hard research and experiencing the process by ourselves, we discovered two things:

After sucessfully registering our company by ourselves, we started Launch-cn as a service to help fresh entrepreneurs and freelancers register a business in China without having to experience the headaches we went through. It's quite simple, you fill out our magic form, sign & hand over some necessary documents, and wait about 2 months time. You worry about your business, we handle the grunt work at a fair service rate.

And another reminder,It's 100% on-line. We never flood your inbox, and we only contact you when we really need to. When your business registration is ready, we'll than onboard you with tips and advice on how to operate a business in China. We'll be more than happy to hand deliver your business license upon request, or we can mail it out on our dime.

For more information about Launch-cn visit the homepage, or write me an e-mail.

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