Freinds of Jason – An address book with personal elements.

Did you ever have an address book? I'm talking about the kind that was usually stuffed in a drawer near the house line. I remember ours. It was gray, had plastic covering, and the pages inside were barely threaded onto the binding. It was clunky and fugly, but in it stored the phone numbers & addresses of family members, friends, the local auto shop, doctor offices, etc. There were plenty of notes in them too.

You're probably thinking, but yeah, Jason you can just store this stuff on your phone and computer. Yeah I could and I do as well. But, I also wanted to make something that my friends could fill out anytime without me pestering them, allow me to send them happy birthday emails, leave notes for myself, and call them even when I don't have access to a phone.

The truth is, I'm terrible with keeping in touch with people. So I created this to help me get better at that. And the best part, the information in this database are for my eyes only.

Index with search, sorting, and pagination.
An invitation letter which takes your friend through a quick journey to fill-out information.
Profile page which stores all important information and so much more for you to keep in touch and be a good friend.

Would you like your own database? Write me an e-mail and we can discuss about it.

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