Coffee & Code - The adult version lemonade stand!

Learning programming is tiring and challenging. So in order to give some students an extra boost of energy, we decided to sell coffee at a very low cost. You ever try selling lemonade as a kid? Well consider this the adult version.

Good friend and fellow programmer Xiaohu Pei and I created a dead simple Wechat Mini Program which allowed students to put in an order while they learned how to solve problems in Ruby. The goal was to show our students how a product can be profitable without any frills or budget attached.

By using Wechat's notification API, everytime a student put in an order, Xiaohu and myself would recieve a notification ping from our phones. Payment transactions were directly deposited into a personal Wechat account.

A second page was created and only accesible to us. This page allowed us to view the order history and calculate the total amount in sales for the day.

This mini program was coupled with a completely free BaaS solution to store our orders, and built in a 2.5 speedy hours. Very fun indeed!

For more information about Camila visit the homepage, or write me an e-mail.

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