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This website was built with Jekyll, stylesheets prepared by myself, and all articles are written in html(not markdown!), version controlled with Git, repository hosted privately on Github, site hosted on Netlify, SSL certificate provided by Let's Encrypt. Tools used include Sublime Text 3, iTerm, Sketch, Dokku. This site does not collect or track data. Anything you provide will never be shared with public eyes.


My work examples over the years.

Tuitu Products

Camila – 2018

Camila is a web software designed for independent college counselors. Originally, Camila was built to help college counseling agencies, but after discovering that every agency has their own practices, we pivoted Camila to favor independent college counselors. Learn more

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Launch-cn – 2018

Launch-cn is the only 100% on-line China business registration service. Registering a business in China through a traditional agency sometimes feels like you're running in circles. Tuitu built Launch-cn as a friendlier option. We take care of the messy parts, while you focus on your business. Launch-cn has proudly helped freelancers and fresh entrepreneurs from Singapore, USA, Russia, and other parts of the world get legit in China. Learn more

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Zero Waste Hangzhou – 2019

Zero Waste Hangzhou is club based in Hangzhou that spreads awareness to the Zero Waste lifestyle. Coming soon

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Dogether – 2018

Dogether is a Wechat Mini Program that helps people in China find house pets to adopt. Dogether is a completely free service that doesn't turn a profit. Hundreds of house pets have found new homes and owners because of Dogether. My contributions are at redesign and front end development.

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Feiy – 2017

Feiy is a platform to help bring awareness of social impact initiatives and link people with social enterprises throughout China. A small team of volunteers spent some of their free time developing Feiy. I contributed with back-end, and front-end development.

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Personal Projects

Coffee & Code – 2019

A light transaction Wechat Mini Program which my colleague Xiaohu and I built in 3 hours time. Our take on an old business venture, the sidewalk lemonade stand. Students purchased coffee from us by ordering through the Wechat Mini Program. Learn more

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Friends of Jason – 2018

My personal database inspired by the one of a kind Derek Sivers and his article on databases. A Ruby on Rails project where my friends and acquaintances can fill out information about themselves, and I get to hold onto it without ever bothering them again. Learn more

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Jchee.org – 2017

Version 1 of my personal website was built with Ruby, Middleman, Dokku, and hosted on Digital Ocean. This new version is more or less the same as version 1. But boy did I have so much fun building this website. It was my first side project.

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Sometimes I'll take up a freelance job and build websites for people and small businesses.