A friend shared with me some of her woes while planning a virtual baby shower. After hearing her out, I pondered about the idea of creating something to make her life easier.

Later that day, I stumbled upon two repositories that caught my attention. When using both libraries, a developer can create "reactive"-like Ruby on Rails application while spending half the time on development. Less javascript, more ruby. What an interesting idea.

Stimulus Reflex and CableReady, both created by hopsoft are two powerful tools that give Ruby programmers the ability to create rich front-end features without having to go the modern javascript framework route. Stimulus Reflex and CableReady depend on two Rails core libraries stimulus.js and Action Cable, so you should have a basic understanding of how those two work.

I was eager to learn, so I gave myself a creative project to work on during the pandemic. The goal: To learn how to use both libraries through implementation. And so I decided to make babyshowerpower. For my friend and for the sake of learning :)

Check it out at

baby shower screenshot 1 baby shower screenshot 2 baby shower screenshot 3 baby shower screenshot 4 baby shower screenshot 5